Integrated Pest Management

    “A whole-farm agro-ecological approach to controlling pest populations while reducing pesticide use.”
  • Farm Maps
    Map of infrastructure, IPM farmscaping features, Bird Boxes and Bat Houses
  • Farmscaping
    Farmscaping, habitat conservation and enhancement
  • IPM Strategies
    Bug ID, Managing Beneficials, Pest Management
  • Ecosystem Services
    Services provided by different plant species and landscape features to support ecological principles
  • Bats, Birds, Bees and Other Pollinators
    Their value as pollinators and/or insect predators and conservation practices to support their populations.
  • Trap Cropping
    Trap cropping, advantages and systems used
  • Intercropping
    Intercropping and its benefits
  • Cover Crops
    Cover Crops and its benefits
  • Weed Management
    Biological control and IPM Herbicide Resistance Weed Conservation Plan
  • NRCS IPM Policy
    A policy that emphasizes the importance of reducing pest management environmental risk through the development of a pest management component of a Resource Management System plan.
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