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Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises

Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises

Irrigation, Fertilization and Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are practices used to protect the environment and especially to prevent pollution of ground and surface water.

Did you know that many of Florida’s water bodies are considered impaired for excessive nutrients?  As stewards of the land, Florida farmers are adopting Best Management practices to do their part in preventing pollution and improving Florida’s water quality.  Understanding the efficient use of irrigation and fertilizer is just one key to protecting water quality. 

Livestock producers can also help by implementing practices to prevent animals and their waste from entering our surface and ground water.  Take a look at resources related to BMPs below and note the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services oversees the regulatory program, enrolling farms in a commitment to implement these practices.  Farms enrolling in the program are presumed compliant with regulations to protect water quality.  See our Production pages for additional information. 

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